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Thank you for choosing San Gabriel Eye Center for your eye care needs. Below you will find links to the forms which need your attention before your exam.

This will help us make sure all the information we have in your file is correct and up to date. Please fully complete the forms. It will SAVE TIME at your appointment because we are able to download the information you input directly into our system, avoiding the tasks of you writing it on a form and then our staff copying it into your record. This is especially helpful in the area of medications since many patients have this information at home, but often forget to bring it to the exam. Also, please note that there are places to include both medical and vision insurance as well as information we need about the primary member on the insurance. If you have any questions, we will be happy to help you with them either by phone (512) 863-2078 or when you arrive at your appointment. If you are unsure of what to put, don’t worry because it can all be corrected in our office.

  • New Patient Form

  • Release of Medical Records Form

  • Release of Medical Records Form From other Facility


Existing or established patients fill in the blank for the pass code (this will be given to you when you make your appointment) and then click login. This will show you the information we currently have in our file on you. Please correct any outdated or incorrect information and fill in the blanks through the rest of the form.

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