We are very proud to inhabit a building with some interesting history.

About Us

When it was first built, our building was the Law Library at the University of Texas in Austin. When they built a larger library, the original building was purchased and moved to its present location by a local church.

The church enjoyed it for many years, but eventually they needed more space also. At that time the building was purchased and the owner allowed Dr. Schaefer to design a new floor plan to accommodate him and another doctor or two, and our optical shop. Dr. Schaefer wanted to keep at least some of the history intact, so he kept as much of the wonderful wood paneling as he could. Dr. Schaefer is a native Texan, and feels it is very important to never completely lose anything historical. He thinks it is very important to always have a tie to the past.

Because our building had been used as a church for some time, we have ample front door parking, including handicap parking. Our facility is completely handicap accessible on the inside as well.

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