Retinal Imaging

Discovering Signs of Eye Diseases Using Retinal Imaging

Retinal imaging is an essential eye care service that our team at San Gabriel Eye Center offers. It is a safe, pain-free, and comfortable procedure that enables our optometrists in Georgetown to detect problems in the eyes. Read on to learn more about retinal imaging.


What Is Retinal Imaging?

Retinal imaging is a state-of-the-art camera that helps eye doctors to diagnose chronic eye diseases and compare the findings to later examinations. The procedure involves an eye doctor taking a digital photo of the back of a patient's eye. This picture is then evaluated to determine if damage has occurred in the retina, optic disk, optic nerve, and blood vessels.

These four components are crucial to optimal eye health and vision. The retina interprets and converts light into signals for the brain to use to process an image for you. The optic disk is what holds the optic nerve, a vital nerve that transfers the signals that the retina created to the brain. The blood vessels in the back of the eye give the retina the supply it needs to function properly. If an eye disease develops and affects one of the four components, vision loss can occur, which in many cases, cannot be restored.

What Conditions Can Retinal Imaging Diagnose?

Our optometry professionals can diagnose the following diseases with retinal imaging:

  • Diabetes: This is a chronic illness that affects various parts of the body, including the eyes. If the sugar levels in the blood system are not under control, blood vessels in the eyes become damaged, making you lose your vision over time.
  • Macular degeneration: This eye disease causes your retina to deteriorate, bringing forth blurry vision, a change in color perception, and distorted vision. It is not uncommon for individuals to suffer from macular degeneration as they age. In fact, people older than 65-years-old are more susceptible to developing macular degeneration.
  • Glaucoma: Glaucoma is a condition that harms the optic nerve due to the pressure in the eye building up. It is a serious problem that can cause blindness if it is not diagnosed and treated as soon as possible.

While these issues are not the only ones that our optometrists in Georgetown can diagnose with retinal imaging, they are the most common we see at our practice. It is important to note that these problems can develop slowly and without noticeable symptoms, so it is vital that you schedule eye exams yearly before any damage to your eyes can happen.

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