Polarized Glasses

Protect Your Eyes With San Gabriel Eye Center, Your Optometrist in Georgetown

For anyone who loves to spend time outdoors, whether they are skiing or fishing, polarized glasses are an easy and very worthwhile investment.  San Gabriel Eye Center, your optometrist in Georgetown, TX, encourages you to protect your eyes and preserve your vision long-term while enjoying all your favorite activities.


Why Do I Need Polarized Glasses?

Being out on a boat, in the snow, in the bright sun, or even spending time around large metal surfaces such as wandering around a car dealership or antique car show means dealing with a lot of light reflection, making it difficult to perceive contrast and see clearly.  Swap out your regular sunglasses for a pair with polarized lenses and you’ll notice the difference right away:  you can see the outlines of fish and rocks down below the water’s surface, drifts and trails in the snow, or a ball soaring toward you during a sports game. 

Opt for sunglasses with lenses that include polarized lenses and UV protection and reap the benefits of clear vision and protection for your eyes.  Be sure to ask about polarized glasses and other simple ways to protect your vision during a routine eye exam with your optometrist in Georgetown. 

Clear vision is not only optimal for outdoor recreation but is a must for safety.  Difficulty making out objects leads to eye strain and can do damage over time, which is also true of exposure to intense bright light without eye protection.

How Polarized Glasses Help 

Light enters your eye and passes through the lens to the retina, where information is passed through the optic nerve to the brain where it can be processed as vision.  Light rays reflect off various surfaces on their way to the eye, hitting different angles and resulting in paths that are not quite straight or direct, and this actually prevents the light from being very intense.  When dealing with glassy, reflective surfaces like water, snow, or metal, however, light is directed to your eye in an uninterrupted path, powerfully enough to produce glare which obscures outlines and the differentiation of objects.

Polarized lenses work by adding a layer of coating that visibly darkens the lens and blocks some of the light from entering your eye.  The intense light flooding directly into your eye from a flat uniform surface usually comes in from a horizontal direction, so polarized glasses are formulated to shield eyes from that and only allow light in vertically.  Reducing the total amount of light coming in helps prevent the effects of glare and gives you clearer vision in the bright sun.

San Gabriel Eye Center, your optometrist in Georgetown, is happy to provide eye care, routine exams, and share easy ways of keeping your eyes healthy.  Call us and make an appointment!