Family Eye Care

Family Eye Care in Georgetown, TX

Vision care should start at a young age. At San Gabriel Eye Center, we offer eye care for the entire family. Our optometrists in Georgetown offer pediatric and adult eye exams and much more. Before you make an appointment with us, find out more about what to expect from our comprehensive eye care services for the whole family.


Why Children Need Regular Eye Exams

Children should have regular vision exams to monitor their eye development. Even before they can read, children can still go to eye appointments for vision testing. Optometrists who specialize in pediatrics, just like our doctors, have several ways to check the visual acuity of young children.

Kids can also have eye health problems that may not appear frequently in adults. Having a trusted family optometrist who can spot these issues can give your child an opportunity to get treatment for his or her condition. For instance, some children have a lazy eye that requires correction under the supervision of an eye doctor. With prompt treatment, many children have a reversal of this problem.

If your child has behavior or learning problems in school, he or she may have trouble seeing in class. Making an appointment to check for vision problems could help your child do better in school.

Do Adults Need Eye Exams if Nothing Is Wrong?

Even if you think nothing is wrong with your vision, you still need regular eye exams. An optometrist looks for signs of developing health problems, such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, and diabetes, in addition to testing your ability to see clearly. Also, many adults experience a decrease in their sight over time that may require corrective lenses. To keep vision problems or eye health conditions from sneaking up on you, schedule regular eye exams throughout your adult years.

What Our Optometrists Look for During an Eye Exam

During an eye exam, our optometrists will ask you to read off an eye chart to test your visual acuity. You may also have tests that look for color blindness, depth perception, focusing ability, and movement issues. Other tests include the refraction test that uses a phoropter to measure the strength of your corrective lenses. You may also undergo a slit lamp exam that our optometrists use to examine the inside of your eyes. A glaucoma test examines the pressure of your eyes.

The exact tests you receive during an eye exam depend on your existing health and any risk factors you have for developing eye health problems.

Make Us Your First Choice for an Optometrist in Georgetown

Keep your family's eyes healthy, and everyone seeing clearly with our family eye care services. Make an appointment with us at San Gabriel Eye Center in Georgetown by connecting with our clinic at 512-863-2078. With our pediatrics and adult services, we can help your whole family see their best throughout their lives.