Blue Light Blocking Lenses

At the San Gabriel Eye Center, we serve the Georgetown area with a wide selection of quality eyewear to meet your vision needs. Whether added to prescription glasses, used in “readers” or in non-magnified form, many feel that blue light blocking lenses provide some support against too much time in front of digital screens.


Why Filtering Out Blue Light Matters

As remote working has become more widespread and meetings are taking place virtually, many people find themselves spending a lot more time in front of computer screens. Combined with additional time at home and the popularity of streaming services, many individuals are experiencing the side effects of too much screen time: eye strain and fatigue, headaches, or even trouble getting to sleep. One potential remedy to these issues may be using lenses that block blue light.

The Vision Council reports that millions of Americans experience eye strain after spending two or more hours with direct exposure to a digital screen. In addition to eye strain, recent studies have examined the effect of blue light from digital media on sleep cycles. Because exposure to blue light has been shown to decrease melatonin production, blue light blocking lenses have received even more attention as a potential solution. While the effect of these lenses is still being studied, there is anecdotal evidence to suggested that they provide some relief for wearers.

Earlier versions of lenses that blocked blue light were yellow or orange in color, so they were not seen as fashionable additions to eyewear frames. Today, these lenses look like any other, so you do not have to sacrifice good looking glasses to reduce your eye strain.

If you don’t wear glasses, having non-magnified lenses that block blue light may help you be more aware of how much time you spend in front of screens. In fact, as with any health concerns, you should talk with your optometrist about how to best care for your eyes. We can perform an exam and discuss possible solutions for eye problems, and whether blue light blocking lenses are recommended. While many wearers state that these lenses provide some relief, it’s also important to moderate your screen time and not rely solely on your glasses as a solution.

Don’t Let Blue Light Leave Your Eyes Feeling Blue

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